Worship / Production Involvement

Thank you for your interest in getting involved with our Worship & Production Dream Team here @ Rez.Church. We have a quick and efficient system in place to help you get involved in an area where your gifts and strengths can flourish. Below you can read how to begin getting plugged in.

Step 1. Attend Our 4 Growth Track Classes.

  • Complete all four Growth Track classes in order to join the Rez.Church Dream Team. Classes are held every Sunday at 12:30pm in The Living Room (minus holidays). Lunch and child care are provided!
  • Fill out our Growth Track Step 4 Worship/Production Form and e-mail to worship@rez.church

Step 2. Interview & Auditions

  • After you finish Growth Track and we receive your Worship/Production Form from Growth Track Step 4, we'll set up a brief phone interview to discuss your application and (for musicians) schedule you an audition.
  • Audition Online
    - Use the song resources below for your audition. 
    - Use your phone, computer or camera for video recording and sharing. You will not be judged based on video quality. Just make sure you can clearly hear your audio after recording.
    - You can e-mail your video file to Worship@rez.church OR if your file is too big, please upload your video to your YouTube page and send the link to Worship@rez.church.
    - Tip: If you have any problems or questions, email Eboyett@rez.church for further instructions.
~ Below are the SONG RESOURCES

Male Vocals

Lion and the Lamb Chord Chart

Step 3. INFUSE

  • After auditions (musicians), you'll hear from us whether or not we believe you're ready to move forward into our Infuse program.
  • Infuse is a safe place to meet friends, learn our worship culture/expectations, practice with a live band, etc.
  • Because Infuse is for those already proficient in their instrument/voice and not a practice or lessons space, not everyone will make it. We will respond to your audition via e-mail, phone or personal conversation. 
  • Please understand our heart is FOR you and a "no" now may not mean a "no" later. Anyone can re-audition if and when they feel ready. Until then, we'd love to help any of you, who aren't ready musically, find an area of ministry your gifts can flourish and be used in!